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Earth, Moon, Sun Trilogy

Visionary oil painting, Bear painting

'The Bear Medicine Society'

Number one of three paintings in the Earth, Moon, Sun Trilogy

© Lucy Filce 2015

This trilogy of paintings has been commissioned by Wind Spirit Sweat Lodge for the expansion of community consciousness and universal healing.

​Currently; 'The Bear Medicine Society' which represents the Earth in the trilogy has been completed.  Still to come are the paintings for Moon and Sun.

The story of Grandmother Bear…………

It was a brisk May morning in 2015 and we were gathered together on our sacred ground to greet the sun rise by sweating our prayers. A group of twenty one hardy warriors (male and female) had fasted for four days and done the ritual practice of sweat lodge every day. A group of us had come to support them on their final sun rise lodge and give them a feast when daylight broke. When we arrived there was a buzz in the air, to have so many individuals go through this process together was awakening to step into.

I was filled with thoughts about a ‘Bear Medicine Society’. One of our elders visioned a group of people coming together to form a network of skilled individuals. People who are healers, community workers, teachers, energy workers, artists, poets, carers, activists, lovers, animal welfare guardians, guardians of people and any individual who listens to their heart, follows it, works on themselves and does their best for their families, friends, community, planet and universe. These people would become ‘The Bear Medicine Society’; I was full of hope and promise when I entered the lodge into the darkness so I could learn to see.

That’s when she came to me – Grandmother Bear. I could feel her magnitude sat looking into me and at the same time holding every one of us in her energy. Her eyes pierced through me in a ‘no nonsense’ way, there was no space for trying to hide – Grandmother Bear can see straight into your soul and she knows if your intensions are true. There was gentleness too, like she was my own grandma and I was one of her cubs. She would nurture me and help me grow; she would nurture us ‘The Medicine Society’ and help us grow. As I became more comfortable sitting in her presence she opened up her third eye chakra and showed me our planet, our rock we call the ‘Earth’; and as if she was cradling me as her cub she was also holding all of us. Holding our dreams and visions, holding our hearts and bodies, holding our pain and anguish, holding our joy and love; The grandmother guardian of our vision to step into a new paradigm.

I was blessed to see her and I wasn’t the only one! After we finished the sweat lodge ceremony several people told me that they’d had a vision of the bear over the four day fast and seen her penetrating gaze. That 'fast' back in May 2015 was the birth of The Bear Medicine Society, her presence was felt.


Sincerely from my heart; To all my relations.
Lucy Filce

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