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Visionary oil painting, Mother Earth painting

'Elemental Mother Earth'

Number one of five paintings in the 'Elements series'

© Lucy Filce 2015

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Elements Series

Lucy is currently working on a new painting project which is a series of five paintings; they are the human representations of the elements.  The painting here is the element of Earth in human form; she has the green skin of the grasses, the tree trunks for hair and her totem animal/insect is the spider.  The spider is the grandmother weaver, the ancient ancestral weaver of knowledge. 


The next four paintings Lucy is working on are the human representations of Water, Fire, Air and Ether.  We as humans contain within our bodies the five elements so we are directly related to nature.  The project of the five elements brings together humans in elemental form and represents the diverse races and sexes thus reinforcing the ‘We are one’ theme.


Below are a couple of detail samples of the 'Elemental Water Spirit' painting. 

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