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Lucy Filce

Lucy studied classical Fine Art Painting (BA) at Loughborough University and has since been focused on traditional oil painted portraiture.  Lucy’s visionary portraits are based on her understanding of earth traditions and experiences in the wild, she is known for painting collections of work that flow in a series.  The paintings always work together to promote oneness, wholeness, unity and harmony. 

Lucy mixes the traditional with the organic by using circular canvases lashed to driftwood frames.  The paintings are circular because life is circular, the nature of existence is circular as we originate from and return to the source.  Drawing on her interest in First Nations people of the UK, America, Canada and other nations she paints the philosophies of ancient cultures and makes crafts in the traditional way of these ancestors.  A main source of inspiration is the ‘Medicine Wheel’ and themes of the opposing forces are often demonstrated within the work e.g. Masculine and Feminine, Duality and Unity, and the directions; North and South, East and West.


Always endeavouring to experience and understand Native and Shamanic cultures Lucy also uses her body for Ritual Art.  The galleries for these projects are available to view, however there has not been anything written about these projects as they have been profoundly personal in spiritual growth and development.

Lucy has since turned her hand to understanding body and mind mechanics; qualifying as a Pilates Instructor in 2007 she teaches techniques of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation.  When exhibiting her paintings she leads the viewers into a meditation on the teachings of the ancients within her artwork, using the body of work as a means to promote harmony and unity.

Lucy is available to run workshops and lead meditations on the energies in the paintings. 

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