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Welcome to my blog

As I created this body of work I was aware that the paintings where very much my teachers, I learnt so much from them during the time of painting, and the teachings still keep coming. They were channelled in an order that made it easier for me to understand their power. The paintings came through me to teach me about Unity, about the one consciousness, the one mind, and the one love. The source from which we all flow and the source to which we all return. Having spent many years with the paintings I have grown with them in my understanding but I still find some of them challenging. I find that the more I show the body of work the more I see different people being attracted to different characters, I see how the paintings reflect something deep in them that they truly understand or paradoxically something deep in them they do not understand. The paintings are a mirror for us and our own development, we project our 'stuff' onto them, the same as we do with other people and things in our life. Confronting the paintings is like confronting yourself.

I am starting up this blog as I would like to invite you to discuss the paintings and your experience of them. If you have attended the meditations and workshops on the body of work I invite you to share your feelings and understandings of them. We all benefit from sharing our stories and I learn more about the paintings when I hear people talk about them. People often ask me "Are these YOUR paintings?" and my usual response is "No, they are OURS". The project is about Unity, let's teach each other!

Many blessings, to all my relations,




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