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The Warrior and The Maiden

Shamanic Ritual

Always endeavouring to experience and understand Native and Shamanic cultures Lucy also uses her body for Ritual Art. 

'The Warrior and The Maiden' arose from a desire to embody the duel aspects of femininity.  The feminine is often seen and referred to as gentle, soft and flowing.  This 'state' of women is an archetype that plays into the rolls of male and female - The male as strong and powerful and the women as passive and mild.  I believe that we as males and females are always traversing both of these energies, using our strength when we need it and nurturing when our hearts are open.  As a women I feel my strength and power; I wanted to use this ritual of The Warrior and The Maiden to embody strength in my female form and also embody my softness.  I found this piece of work fulfilled a desire to integrate these dual aspects of myself and I am now creating two paintings from these photo's called 'The Warrior and The Maiden'. 

Using animal parts in ritual

All items used in these rituals are found items so they are ethically and naturally sourced. 

The First Nation peoples - our ancestors used animals for everything.  Every single part of the animal was used; meat for food, bones for carving (making knives and needles), fat for greasing and waterproofing, skins and furs for clothes and tents.  Animals were respected as mythical and magical creatures, parts of the animal were used in ceremony to make ritual objects but also for sacred theatre.  Sacred theatre is the acting out of the animal's spirit in order to learn and embody something of the animal.  By using and meditating with parts of the animal the energy and life force of the animal is felt and the practitioner is transported into a different way of being and thinking.  Our ancestors learnt ways to hunt from watching the animals, they learnt ways to build and where to make settlements by following and watching the animals.  These people lived alongside the animals, they loved and respected them and used them as their greatest teachers. 

As a modern day person whenever I find animal parts in the wood I see it as a blessing and a gift.  I use these items ritually and as part of my practice in growth and development.

Body painted by Anya Banks

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